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    • 88000 Uzhgorod, street Novak, 16
    • 90615 Great Bychkov village, street International, 12
    • FOP Horynetskyy Omelian Omelyanovych, identification code: 3146602937
    • Phone: (067) 557-7677
    • Phone: (050) 557-7677
    • Phone: (097) 966-1803
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    About us…

    logo3The intelligent solution!

    Company "Website" provides a full range of services required to support and promote business on the Internet and many years of experience.

    You can find us in

    We can be found in such cities as Zakarpattya Uzhgorod, Mukachevo, Svaliava, Huszti, Тячеві, Іршаві, Berehove, Vynogradiv, Rakhiv, Perechyn, Mizhhiria. The establishment of a website is possible in other localities of the Transcarpathian region.

    Company "Website" provides a full range of services necessary to support and promote business online: design, manufacturing and promotion of sites, web design, contextual advertising and others. Years of experience and absolute understanding of the market of Internet technologies help us to offer effective and practical solutions.