Create Online Store

internet-marketing-ecommerceE-shop - the right choice for companies that want to develop their business, to expand influence in the market, predict the future globally. Web design studio «WEBSAIT» specializes in creating online stores aimed at increasing customer sales.

Online shopping is one of the priorities of our business because e-commerce is already very confident is part of our present and especially actively developing in all major cities of Ukraine. Shop - a modern shopping channel. With this tool, you can sell your goods or services to a huge audience that uses the Internet access. Shop now provided by modern content management system (CMS), which enable self-updating information and introducing new products to your store, without requiring the user to a particular qualification. We constantly analyze all the trends of modern Ukrainian and foreign Internet stores, follows the latest tools and techniques to promote, implement and test the usability of technology to our customers confidently reach the set business objectives and occupy leading positions in its own business segment. Our experts have extensive experience in developing online stores, from small websites to directories technically complex and large online stores. We have experience integrating shop with 1C and other information systems, payment systems configuration and automated delivery systems. Integration with payment systems website allows you to integrate an online store into different payment systems: systems of processing of plastic cards, electronic payment systems or create an invoice for payment (Sberbank, credit cards, Assist, Yandex-money, WebMoney, etc.).

To order Online shop with us, you will need:
  • Choose one of the free design templates provided or to book with us toll design for your online store.
  • Tell a free domain name that you would like to register or provide us with already registered domain before in another company. Note that if you order a domain with us, domain registration will be made to your passport information.
  • Before we begin to create your website or online store, you will need to make an advance payment of 20% of the total amount of your order through a bank, WebMoney or Yandex money. This advance will guarantee your serious intentions.
  • After receiving your advance payment we begin to create and design your site the next day, provided that this day is not a day off.
  • Upon completion of all work on your website or online store. You pay the remaining amount of money and access to the control panel on your site. You also get video training on filling, editing and product information contained on the website and online store.
What is included in the cost of creating online store?
Cost turnkey online store from $ 900
This amount already includes:
  • Up to 10 categories to the store and information site.
  • Up to 500 pages with photos and product descriptions.
  • Feedback form.
  • Shopping cart with a calculator.
  • Search on site.
  • Form of order
  • The old / new price. (The ability to cross the old price and install a new one.
  • The "Product Rating".
  • The control panel site entirely in Russian or Ukrainian.
  • The "Product Reviews"
  • Register up to 10 mailboxes in the form of name @ vashsayt
  • Advice and support 1 month free.
  • Video training site content product and necessary information, create categories, edit contacts.
  • Hosting for 12 months.
  • Domains. some to choose from.
Stages of online store

Online shop begins with drawing up detailed terms of reference (TOR). The TOR for an online store described in detail the functional and technical requirements, requirements for performance, security, system administration, system integration with 1C or other storage systems, schedule preparation and coordination robit.Pislya ToR stage begins programming online store. At this stage of the work carried programmers that create a functional store, spend management setting, make test data, debug code.

Next on the list - the design phase of the online store, processing internal pages, baskets Buyer, general product catalog and other website templates.

When the site layout is setup an online store hosting. Web design studio «WEBSAIT» hosting for their clients at competitive rates.

The last stage - design and delivery of staff training to work with the store. After the work on the magazine, under a separate contract begins phase advance online store in search engines and its subsequent maintenance.

The main and almost the main aim of the online store is profitable.
How to book an online store?
To apply for an online store you can in any convenient way: via phone call in Uzhgorod (097) 966-18-03 or fill out the feedback form, asking questions that interest you by our experts who will answer all questions about the creation of online shops, design and future maintenance. Order manufacturing osCommerce in Uzhgorod, Mukachevo, Rakhiv, Tyachev and Khust.