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Site card

Site card

Site card is a full-fledged online resource, as a rule, consists of several (5-10) pages containing basic information about the company, its activities, offered goods or services, features and methods of feedback. A competently designed business card site becomes a business card, effective advertising, a 24-hour office, the face of the company on the Internet. A business card site will allow the visitor to form a certain opinion about your organization or company. The task of the Business Card website is to present the company, services or product on the Internet.

The business card site is a small presentation of the company and its services and usually contains general information about the company, services, price list, details, route map, etc. Usually, such a site is suitable for small companies or creative individuals. We provide website creation and development services, online stores, portals, web design and creation of sites, production and promotion of sites, web design, contextual advertising, as well as consulting support for websites. Many years of work experience and absolute understanding of the Internet technology market help us to offer effective and practical solutions.

Development business card site Allows users to make themselves millions of Internet users. This compact, easy, laconic and at the same time informative site tell potential clients about the activity of the company, on tariffs for goods / services, promotions, ways of cooperation. On the website you can learn how to find a company it is agreed to contact and even make a request.

Creation of a small business site is a very important step for your company for extension of its business and obtain new clients in менежі Internet. This is advertising of your business hours, or 24 hours a day.

The Web site company is pleased to offer a turnkey website creation service to anyone who wants to become the owner of a spectacular business card website. Business card site development - this is not only knowledge and experience in the field of programming and design, but also marketing analysis, and the construction of business logic, and the creation of an information structure, and the development of an advertising strategy, and the optimization of all texts for search queries for further promotion and support of the site. And only with the full implementation of each event, which is part of the complex of events under the comprehensive name "site development", your Internet resource can turn into a permanent source of income.

Creating a business card site gives the company the opportunity to present information about itself, its type of activity, products, etc. This is the creation of an information site that is small in size and price. The web design of the site is created special and individual using the graphic images provided by you. The design of the site will perfectly match the style of your company. Website business card price is always confirmed by our manager. Call us for clarification +380675577677

The most popular sections of the site cards:

  • Home page
  • About the company
  • Goods and services
  • Prices (prices of goods / services)
  • The list of types of goods / services
  • news
  • Contacts (feedback)

Despite the fact that online business card - a simple website without enclosed sections, its development is a very effective solution for entrepreneurs, professionals in the service sector and large companies.

Benefits site creation to us:

  • relatively low cost of creating a website, business cards and its support;
  • site developed in a short time;
  • development structure, menus and site content;
  • The site provides the most specific, concise information that is easy to find on the site with a simple menu and ease of navigation;
  • competently, efficiently and beautifully designed site forms the image of the company, is the confidence of potential buyers;
  • створення сайту-візитки – ефективний спосіб випробувати новий напрям у вже сформованому бізнесі. Аналіз поведінки покупців на сайті допоможе визначити найбільш успішні рішення для подальшого розвитку тієї чи іншої діяльності.
  • the original design of the site;
  • online business card - a great start for new business;
  • content management system CMS (You can independently change the information on the site);
  • -hostynh hosting and the domain name;
  • Complete statistics of your site visitors;
  • Learning to work with the site.

The main characteristics of developed sites:

  • Author's Website Design qualitatively distinguish your site from the gray mass of millions of websites.
  • Easy administration panel site will allow even inexperienced internet user to edit all information sections of the site.
  • Basic SEO-optimization will allow you to find the site in search engines (Google, Yandex).
  • After-sales service website.

Deadline - from 10 working days.

The cost of business card site:

  • Design by: individual
  • The volume of the site: 15 p.
  • Term of up to 2 weeks
  • Site Price: from $ 300
* The cost of site indicated estimated, may vary from numerous factors. To clarify the final cost of the Connect to our office. The price includes VAT (20%).