websait_svalyavaLooking for a professional developer of your site? With his subsequent search promotion? and support for the site need? The necessary modernization of your website or redesign your Web site? Pay attention to our company! Extensive experience solving problems arise during the operation of an Internet site allows you to solve any problems. Now a huge number of companies offering services on search promotion and development of Internet sites. But the relatively small number provides a full cycle of works, namely the comprehensive services in the field of the Internet. We offer you reliable partnership and cooperation for a long period. Our guarantee: a large number of successful projects at competitive subjects and first places on prosuvêmih us sites in three search engines: Yandex, Rambler, Google. If you want to develop and promote the site, and are ready to cooperate for a long time, we are waiting for your call. The kožene promotion and designed us site agreement where the prescribed terms and conditions of cooperation. Extensive experience in the promotion and development of Web sites will allow you to not worry about the results.

Our Web-Design Studio developed a plan of action that is carried out by remote collaboration in the field of website development. The plan includes the following steps:

  1. Getting started. At this point, going the first contact between the customer and the representative of the Web Studio goes exchanged, discusses the upcoming project in General and is made the application for the development of the Web site.
  2. Technical task. Consists of technical task, follows the analysis of the competition and the popularity of topics, selected domain and hosting company. To all our Customers, we recommend that you use the services of our Web server hosting their projects, so that the server is optimized to work with maximum CMS, we monitor and carry out maintenance work on a regular basis.
  3. Contract. The customer and the representative of the company-developer of the project signed a contract in 2 copies. In the contract negotiated terms and cost of the project, describes the rights and obligations of the parties is approved by the technical task.
  4. Pre-pay. The company Website is starting to develop a Web site after 50% prepayment. Date of entry on through Web-Studio It is considered the date of commencement of works to create a Web site.
  5. Website Design. Professional designers and SEOs are developing most effective website designAccording to the customer's wishes and modern trends in design. A representative of the Web Studio communicates with the customer and discusses the original sketch, which is sent to the approval email. The customer specifies the details and approves the final version. According to the contract, the contracting authority may require up to 3 previous thumbnails.
  6. Content. In most cases, the contracting authority itself provides text and graphic materials for the content of the site, and SEO-optimizers Studios prepare content for publication. By agreement an experienced copywriter examines the theme of the Web site and writes the required amount of unique text.
  7. Testing. The most important stage, which allows you to fix all the flaws, if they are, and prepare the site for publishing on the Internet.
  8. The publication of the. Installed and configured content management system (CMS), integrates template published content.
  9. Registration. A free service from the Web-Studio-registration in popular search engines.
  10. Submission of project. At this point, the customer pays the amount remaining for the development of the project and signed the acts of the executed works. In most cases, Customers continue to cooperation with our Studio and after the delivery of the project. Company Website proceeds to support the promotion and advancement of created websites.

How to order the creation of a Website in the town of Svalyava? Place an order on the website you can choose any convenient way: call on the phone in Uzhgorod + 38 (067) 557-No.7677 or + 38 (050) 557-No.7677 you can also fill in the feedback form, specifying the issues that interest you, our specialists will answer all the questions concerning the creation of the Internet site, its layout, design, and maintenance. Order cheap manufacturing Web site in Uzhgorod, Mukachevo, Rakhiv, Tyachev and Khust.