design-webpagesWeb-design Fundamentally differs from other types of advertising design. When we receive leaflet with printing-houses, we can be sure that any our client sees one and the same, all that is printed - has consistently. Site is a living organism. Every day in it can be changes. You suddenly stopped to produce some of its products and you collecting it from the site. You are adding news, answer the letters visitors, changing the image in photo galleries, the size of the description of completed your existing projects for the year increased five times… But a site was painted once without consideration of all these changes. Moreover, you will never previously do not know on what monitor, with whom permission, in which browser is watching your site visitor that fonts installed on his computer, which channel of communication with the Internet he uses. How to be? Do not worry - if the design of the site was is made correctly, your website can "adjust" under all these changes without compromising its appearance. But you must help him... When you затверджуєте web design, pay attention to the fact that design of a site is not only pictures that create graphic design, it is also the execution of texts. Note that the fonts used, size and color in the main text, headers and links. Font style prescribed performance in stylesheet site. When filling the site to change mincho, color and font size blindly (although such an opportunity for Control Panel provides). Replacing the fonts, stipulated by the design of the site, lead to a decrease in its appearance. So once again remind - pay attention to the fonts for approval of the design.

Web design - it is not only the "face" of the site, it is also convenience for visitor, criteria by which you can evaluate whether cares owner resource about its clients, or only on the outer beauty pictures. It happens that the customer site subconsciously afraid to trust of designers. In fact, he pays money for their promise to agency do their job well, without being sure on 100% that assumes a good result. It scared that will draw is not something that he would like to see. Scared that having developed one or two options, in case if the models he did not, design-studio refuses to work - or additional money. Probably, yes. But if the agency cares about its clients, suited to develop such important constituent of website development, as well as design, very seriously.

We always work "for a victory, while the concept design not will fully comply with the objective in. Despite this, usually no more one or two options do not have, as before the work we study the specific nature of client's business, competitive environment, consumers goods or services client, develop a detailed specification the architecture of the site, always deliberate on, as visitor will go on its pages. We will definitely recommend before the work, if possible, to come to our office for a personal meeting with designers who will work over the design of the site. This enables even before the first sketches find all the nuances and save time, which would wasted on development of the disobedient options.

The customer can always contact directly with designers, who work at his project. Our designers love their work, love to fulfill it well, but still they know that the site is a business tool, so not interested in artistic masterpieces at a loss convenience visitor and rapid functioning resource.

The cost of website design directly depends on the tasks, which he must be solved as soon as possible.

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If the website development you contact us, they will not be any hidden payments, non-transparent schemes calculation and just fill in the order form site and TD and we will contact you. Or contact us by phone +38 067 5577677 or +38 097 9661803, everything we can tell you will consult, give advice.

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