support-webpagesSeeks to ensure that your site was always in great shape? Contact us! Having developed the site and received calculation, we do not leave the client alone with the problems that may arise in the future work with the site. We offer maintenance and support sites Uzhgorod and customers from all Zakarapattya. Clearly, the range of services included in the website maintenance can greatly vary. We know what needs to be done to make your visitors to see a professional, valuable and life, no doubt about the reliability and quality of the information contained therein.

Ordering site support studio Website, you can be sure that the work will be executed flawlessly and exactly on time. Because you trust the job to professionals!

All modern sites at the moment are based on content management system - "engine". Any of our clients are interested in the question - whether he fully manage their own website using content management system. We answer this question - no, not much. Of course, Content Management System created for a reason, and enables the customer to manage and modify pre-defined area of ​​the site. For example, make a new document, remove old make corrections in the text, change images, work with catalog, manage menu on the website and so on. However, there is the line at which can cross the only person who has some expertise in creating websites and deeper corrections to be made, the more solid knowledge required.

One of our main services - a professional technical support. In support of our site means the technical support site efficiency, changes to the site at the request of the customer, completion of program modules and solving pressing issues related to the functioning of your site, such as the timely extension of the hosting and domain names.

We offer information, design and technical support site, namely:

  • writing articles to support the position of the site after the promotion, which is a prerequisite for maintaining position of the site;
  • Filling the site of the customer;
  • advertise services on electronic bulletin boards;
  • dokonfihuruvannya site on demand;
  • Site redesign elements on demand;
  • seasonal site redesign on demand;
  • consultation on site;
  • a complete redesign of the site (no more than 1 per year);
  • complete reconfiguration of the site (no more than 1 per year);
  • technical support (website performance guarantee protection from burglary).

The cost of monthly website maintenance is determined individually depending on the workload.

The minimum cost of maintenance of the site - 800 USD / month. This site accompaniment to play 32 years for a year.

As part of the agreement support the site we design banners, making editing templates, add or change information for site owners, supplement or change the information in the product catalog, provide consulting assistance.

Site support in our company has two types of contracts. The first type of contract - a contract to support the site with a monthly subscription fee. At the conclusion of this agreement, we, together with the customer, determine the approximate amount of our monthly and based on this volume coordinate with the customer monthly cost support site. At this stage the consistent number of possible applications per month and the average amount of one such treatment. Despite the fact that the contract spelled out the number of hits a month, we do not send the customer away if he goes overlimit, and is unlikely to do increase the value of the contract (unless the excess applications will not be systematic or volume unexpected work seriously exceeding the planned volume). Such agreements have a preferential right service. The average cost of such support agreement ranges from 800 to 4,000 USD per month. Today it is much cheaper to pay a full-time specialist - technologist.

The second option contract support - support contract for services actually rendered. This agreement does not include any monthly fees are paid only the necessary customer service. Each new service is evaluated separately signed a new order form for this service and the customer billed for the specific actions taken. This option is good for companies that work on updating or changing site are rare, and it makes no sense to pay us monthly. Disadvantages of this approach is also evident - a waste of time to assess the problem and to issue the necessary documents. Another significant drawback is that such contracts are maintained to a general queue as they become unemployed at the time technicians.

We do not guarantee the contract to support any site that is not made in our company. We are ready to help serve any sites, however, we will likely not take to support your site if you need to make substantial changes in the content management system, especially if the system of one of the following: Joomla, Drupal, WorldPress , Bitrix, Umi.CMS. All other control systems can be evaluated separately by our programmers, and based on this assessment, a decision on the conclusion or make the contract.

Our position is explained very simply - these amendments to CMS in some cases will cost us more in and run longer than one company, where he designed your website.

The reaction time for agreements with preferential right to service an average of 8 hours (mean-time working days).

Support Site Developer, the company is a guarantee of a clear and competent implementation of your tasks and making timely changes of information, guarantee the absence of technical errors and failures in making changes. Remember, site support and technically complex actions, do not trust their non-specialists, it is best to work with professionals.