Information for technical specifications

planning-prototypes-websaitsVery often at the stage of placing the order on the Web site the customer is trying to abandon writing of technical specifications on the site. Why make up the VEHICLE on the site? Why compose a technical task to create a Web site? TK site answers the most important questions of the customer which occurs after the completion of works on the development of the site. This question reads: "as we realize that you are really finished work fully?"

Technical task on the site – it's not just a big list of requirements, this is a very important document. If the agreements are governed by processes of organizational and financial relations, then the TC regulates the development process and the end result. And in this case there is no difference, which is a site developed by: website, business card, or a great informational site. Maintenance tasks should be always.

Technical task is divided into many sections, each of which corresponds to a certain issue.
  • Who created the Web site, for what purpose it is created? Describes the target audience of the future project. There may be social or demographic data, goals and objectives of the potential users, their requirements for future Web site
  • How will be the creation of a Web site?
    Describes the process of developing the project. Section for coordination of methods of developing the site, if it is different from that adopted in Web Studio techniques, which is not described in any document
  • What will be the output?
    Creating a Web site starts with a technical task and ends. In the ideal case, after completion of the work of the contracting authority and the contractor shall pass on all the paragraphs of this document and check whether all planned work performed
  • You need to open a Web site?
    Who will handle the transfer of it to the site host, install content management system, fill the site information, optimization and promotion

Next, give the approximate structure of technical specifications on the Web site.

General information. The first part of the VEHICLE contains general information about the document and the project in General. There should be information

  • Information about the artist and the customer. An indication of the responsible persons on each side
  • Purpose of the project. States: what will be the resulting product
  • Objectives and tasks that must be addressed. If the goals and objectives put blurry, it can be quite difficult for them to follow
  • The description of the audience. The most important section for the development of good and right. The description of the audience should include not only general information (demographics, needs), but also that solves the visitor that it aims to work with the site

Web site requirements

Section is devoted to the requirements of the project. The requirements that can be described in a technical problem on the website

  • Technical requirements for CMS
  • Requirements for reliability
  • Requirements for information protection
  • Requirements for software
  • Requirements for information

All the requirements you need to articulate clearly and try to point to the beginning of work on the creation of the Web site.

This should be a technical task to create a Web site. Any of the following items can be enhanced depending on the complexity of the work.

The following are examples of contracts on the company Website:

The typical contract on development of the Web site Technical specifications for the development site