redesign-web-03Conducting site redesign no less important matter than services in its initial development. In most cases, referring to the redesign of the site, the company came to the conclusion that a substitute site design is not enough. Need to qualitatively alter its structure, analyze the prevailing party design, as well as those who design the site could not solve. Add to this list of reviews of the work site partners, customers and employees, as well as analysis of competitors' sites.

Often the question redesign and revision and restructuring of the site is necessary, when the structure of the site can not cope with its functions or its operation nedostatniye when the processes of interaction between different internal communications website is not optimized, leading to excessive load on the server, and, consequently, to increase the load time of the site.

While viewing each new website visitor pays priority attention to itsdesignAnd only later on it informative. There are sites whose design has not changed for several years and, relatively speaking, is outdated compared to the competition in which sites look new and modern. These sites are losing patrons, even if well promoted in search engines for a simple reason - visitors seem irrelevant information on the site. We recommend you do not waste time with the old design of your website, and analyze the positive aspects of competing sites and to take the necessary steps to redesign to be always ahead. It is recommended website redesign every two years.

The site of the company - one of the components of the image. Creating a corporate website - responsible task, it should only trust a qualified staff. With the customer may be a team of experienced managers or managers of the marketing department of the artist - design studio with an excellent reputation and a staff of professional developers. Corporate website should contain all the latest and most useful for customers and partners about the company, convenient module feedback and other services that promote fruitful interaction with consumers. Competent approach to creating a website is able to increase not only the rating of the company, but more profitable to present it to market services or products and attract new customers.

No matter how well failed project to create the site, it will certainly be changed. Order website redesign company makes rapid development of Internet technology. Every year in the world there is a huge amount of useful services that can bring a lot of benefits. Redesign does not mean complete processing resource. Sometimes drastic changes could even affect, for example, reducing the visibility of the Internet. However, it is recommended about every two to three years to update the website minor modifications in the visual display and adding functionality.

Why a site redesign?

Reasons for Redesign each company may own. Among the key factors for the redesign are the following: obsolescence of existing design, the low popularity of the site, inadequacy web technologies, changes in policies and style. In these circumstances, there are many additional, less significant reasons for the processing site.

Aging original form of life - an unpleasant but inevitable process. Time is running out, the company develops, competitors are not sitting on the ground. Company website - a powerful marketing tool, so it should always be on top. Average user has a huge selection of online resources, so it is important in the first few seconds to capture his attention. Make it could only original, attractive website design. Even a few years ago involved the creation of visual design professional, it does not mean that today the design remained the same efficiency.

The low number of visitors says its unattractiveness to potential customers. In this case thoroughly examine the target audience and then create a working design and functionality. It is also important to fill the site interesting and useful information. This also applies to redesign the site.

Development of web - another reason for the redesign of the site. The new rules and the possibility of development sites allow programmers and coder to create a concise and easy websites, and use the pages of original effects that are able to seize the attention of visitors in those critical first few seconds. Another technological reason - the widespread use of modern consumer devices such as smartphones or tablets. To display the site correctly on any gadget with a client, he needs refinement.

Changing corporate policy or corporate style - a very important reason for the redesign. There is often, but requires thorough processing of all Internet project. Restructuring of the company, a merger or decay usually entail and updating corporate identity or elements. Thus, the corporate website as part of this style, also needs redesign.

Finally, the reason for the redesign of the site can become even fashion trends. The customer can order any changes to your property simply because today it is fashionable.

Order of work

  • You pay for our work. Prepayment if Redesign - 100%.
  • Or provide access to ftp-server and content management panel, if any.
  • Ми пропонуємо на вибір 3 варіантів дизайну. Якщо Вас не влаштовує жоден з них, Ви можете знайти самостійно потрібний Вам шаблон
  • We are all text, title pages from the old site and transferred to the new site.
  • Further content management you make yourself.

What types redesign?

Redesign is different. The visual redesign involves changing only the external design pages. Adjustments may be exposed as whole pages and individual items such as cap or footer. Such work is carried out, usually in cases where changing corporate identity. Corporate website as part of the style and image should match the overall concept. Since the change of corporate style - a rather rare event, then just change the visual design of the site is quite rare.

Functional redesign developed visual artists more often. It includes not only, as it were, a change of scenery, but also processing function of the site. Such changes may include the installation of easy management, new sections with appropriate adjustment of the navigation implementation of the necessary modules and services (payment module, forums, shopping cart, news feeds, etc.). This redesign requires careful consideration, and changes to site changes must be justified .

Redesign technical base as a separate redesign is extremely rare. During such work outside of the site remains intact. Changes to the functional part. The need for technical redesign occurs in cases where the speed of the site is too low due to its congestion properly prepared graphics or unnecessary resursoemkymy modules. In addition, technical redesign required to optimize the site and its promotion, but usually these changes are carried out at the order of specialized services to optimize.

If the site no longer work for the company reduces its reputation, is faltering in the work - it's a complete redesign. Large companies opt for such a move is difficult, because the corporate website - a part of the image. Painless complete redesign measures will not work. However, with the right approach, the completely renewed website you can to focus and present the news as an indicator of the growth and development of the company.

Finally, to redesign the site does not always need some special reason. Order this plan service client can simply because he tired old design, no matter how trendy, simple, concise it was. "I want to add more bright colors and some useful services! Save signature style! "- That's quite legitimate desire of the owner of the Internet resource. And it is this redesign is often the most successful, and the site is updated, becoming more attractive and functional; corporate identity and remained above the concept so long and worked hard the whole department. And most importantly - the customer was happy and thankful!

Price for Redesign

  • professionally designed, exclusive design, with user-friendly interface and navigation;
  • layout template pages optimized for different browsers and monitors;
  • Integration of the new design to the existing site;
  • neat transfer content and optimization for indexing by search engines.

It will cost 5000 USD. and more (depending on the amount of information and number of pages).

Price for reconstruction site

In this case, the cost will depend on the amount of work, namely:

  • the complexity of the new structure;
  • volume updated online information;
  • set of added functions and services of the site;
  • stock administration system website.

It will cost 7000 USD. and more (depending on the above conditions).

In both cases it is impossible to specify the exact prices for the following reasons:

  • We do not know the volume of work which we have to face;
  • We do not know what technology is designed for your website.

If your site is based on the author's system administration easier for us, and you less if we rebuild it on the basis of our system. If your site is first performed poorly in all respects or in all respects outdated, it is easier, cheaper and generally more effective to create a new site.