Creating a site for school

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on 21.03.2012

Creating a site for school

Company Website provides services for creating websites for schools, the ability to use at your institution of innovative and advanced technologies in the field of education. Also for you this is one of the simplest ways to create and maintain their websites institution. We know that the site and the ability to use email, to take important documents via email, is becoming increasingly important for schools, but we see that to achieve this, many schools do not have the money or use free services. As a result, something is constantly working, constantly need to update some data and perezahodyty not to shut down the school site. The same is true of e-mail in school, used the services,, - as all charged services are not available to schools or offered a higher price.

So we have another service for all schools and educational institutions "school site" - to solve this problem, expand innovation for your educational institution or school, will enable the school to build a successful and excellent sites for itself in a matter of minutes without the prior knowledge of web technology or design. It's simple and reliable, and most importantly quality. Website for turnkey school starts from 65 USD for a year. In this price includes creating the site, and connect to the system for training from Google. That makes it possible to use all the latest technology from Google to your school, regardless of whether the student or a teacher. Sign up creating a site for the school has now.

you get

  • E-mail to 30GB per user;
  • Calendar for effective planning;
  • Your storage;
  • Applications for working with documents, spreadsheets, presentations;
  • Sites;
  • Mozhlyvis still use 2000 different applications;

Website by our professionals have a positive impact on the image of your school. A convenient and high-quality web design of your future site can create only experienced developers, who sell a quality product with an original artistic solution. Also, our experts provide quality content content site that provides information about the school and create a personal mailbox for every student and teacher that are built on advanced technologies Google Apps. Millions of students and teachers around the world use Google Apps for schools. Google Apps for schools helped to fundamentally change the system of education in many organizations around the world. You can see yourself reading the success stories of the company Google.

Creating a school site is necessary in the first place parents of students for easy search of information about school composition teacher offered lessons, information on clubs and much more. Now a lot of parents have access to the Internet through phones and tablets, so would like to receive more information about the school life of their child. By using the site can track the success of the student and at the right time to take the necessary measures to change the situation. School site has become the face of the institution, as every parent faces a choice where their child will learn. Creating a site for the school is a necessary stage in the development of education.

School Site development - it is a responsible task, because to solve a string of problems. For site educational institutions is desirable to choose paid hosting as well as a free resource can be subjected to attacks by hackers. In this case, the possible emergence of online advertising with bright obscene content or games. If you or your institution are applying to us for the development of sites for the school, there will be any hidden charges, non-transparent schemes calculation and other pitfalls. You fill the technical project and specify the conditions and suggestions when building a website. After we send you a proposal to create a website and conclude the contract to develop the site, which takes into account all your wishes. The standard circuit manufacturing site includes custom website design, content management panel CMS WordPress, Joomla, Drupal your choice. Practice shows that in most cases this is enough. Prices will start from 65 USD for a year.

Creating a site in webstudio Website - a guarantee of quality and success, so do not apply to the fans, as further your savings can harm you.

Якщо ж Вам потрібно щось особливе, що вимагає більш складної розробки, варто зв’язатися з нашим менеджером, змалювати завдання, і після розмови Ви отримаєте точний розрахунок вартості створення Вашого ресурсу. У будь-якому випадку конфігурація сайту буде виконана під Ваші індивідуальні потреби.
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