base-web-pageBest variant for most small companies. The distinctive feature of this website is in its base - the site is developed on the basis of CMS (content management system). The main advantage of such site - work with templates, making it possible to maintain a single concept in the design and writing 5 type of each page individually. You will be able to change and edit information on the website - add fresh articles, texts, drawings, create new sections and modify existing - and all this very affordable and easy. Thus content management system (content) - CMS (from the English. Сontent Management System) is ideal for owners of web-resources to effectively, convenient and fast manage content of the site and its structure. Working with the site is created on the basis of CMS, you do not have to learn programming language Suffice it once remember algorithm adding material and you can updating content independently, in visual editor wavelengths MS Word.

Owner of the site will be able to add, edit, delete page and sections on the site without knowing the special technologies. All these actions are protected against the administrative part of the site in the ordinary browser. Administrative Panel Infusion management website CMS Allows to change or to add a new information for different language versions of the web-site. Changes to appear immediately after their introduction and storage.

Standard sections of this package are: component for working with the news (categories and news sections), voting system, feedback form, news, directory and web links. This set is a basis for the rest of the site types. This proposal is interesting not only by the fact that it fits into most customers, but also because the totality of services which are provided in this offer is a lower cost than when ordering the same services separately.

The list of services included in the package "Basic":

  • Design by: individual
  • The volume of the site: 20 p.
  • Term of execution: from 1 to 3 weeks
  • Site Price: from $ 400

Our Content Management System designed to simplify website management while maintaining flexibility and control settings.

The package "Basic" includes:

  • Drawing up the contract and terms of reference for the development of the site;
  • The development of the original site design (a design concept and two of its completion by the customer);
  • Nesting Site (Cross-browser compatibility, without error, considering search engine optimization);
  • Installation of content management system (CMS) development. With its help you can create and page on the site, like add and edit information;
  • Fill a ready site information. If the information for the site provided the customer to beginning of design, we will describe it on the site. The total number of pages on site is unlimited;
  • Domain registration annually. Your site will be located at www.Vashe-type;
  • Hosting the site annually. Select the for your site to 30,000 MB on the server;
  • Zip code type vashe_im'ya @ your_domain;
  • Creating icons favicon. This icon is displayed instead of the standard in the address bar and bookmark / favorite browsers;
  • System statistics visits ( and / or Yandex);
  • Code optimization for all search engines;
  • Submit your site to search engines Google, Yandex and Rambler.

Basic content management system includes the following features:

  • rapid updating information on the website
  • find information at
  • collect data on clients and potential clients
  • creation and editing polls
  • analysis of website visits

The main modules of content management:

  • Articles - Adding, editing, scheduling and publishing "articles" (pages) in WORD-like interface.
  • news - Adding, editing, and publishing news.
  • Photo Gallery - The ability to make photo galleries from pidhalereyamy, auto zoom photos.
  • menu items - Add, edit, manage website menus at any level.
  • Settings - It stores all configuration and website content management system.
  • Users - Management of rights of users registered on the site.
  • Catalog - Adding, editing, publishing a subgroup of any nesting.
  • Poll - Adding, editing polls on the site. The results presented in graphs. Number of questions: from two to ten.
  • Additional specialized modules - Site modules that perform different functions (protection, seo, code optimization, etc.)

Using content management system Does not require installation of special software on your workplace. For editing and administration used ordinary browser Chrome, Edge or similar). Intuitive interface and simplicity of operating the system allows to simplify management site and reduce further expenses to maintain web resource. For work with only need a basic skills of work in Internet.

* The cost of site indicated estimated, may vary from numerous factors. To clarify the final cost of the Connect to our office. The price includes VAT (20%).