Optimization of sites

seo-web-optimizationOptimization websait- Part of the advancement and promotion. The purpose of optimization - to achieve highly relevant pages on important key to this business queries in search engines. That is to achieve high attendance and, consequently, achieve commercial success of the site. We are not the first year engaged in search engine optimization and website promotion, so we can share dosvidom.Use more attention paid to search engines content (ie body), narrower and more specific topic, the easier promote a site.

Actually optimization based on content optimization and calculating the correct keywords in the correct use of their content. Sometimes this process is called "weighting keywords." If you have time, we recommend you start with SEO-test. If the result is needed quickly - choose just that interesting for you: warranty promotion to positions, precision promotion traffic or low-frequency mass promotion. First, let's define what not to do and what beginners do professionals engaged in optimization:

  • no tricks with invisible links and metatags, search engines are becoming smarter. You get caught and thrown out of the network;
  • do 8 versions of the site so that it matched all the search engines;
  • do not use extraneous keywords - it will bring nothing but harm;
  • not to use two languages ​​on the same page - the site should not be any of irrelevant pages!
  • be very careful when exchanging links, search engines still looking at the number of links to your site, they are now looking for quality sites that link to you.

Starter SEO-test

If you have time, start with seo-test your site. It only takes one month. During this time we will pick experimental low-frequency queries slightly change the site, set a small number of links await couples updates and find out how your site like search engine. Then the prospect of promotion will be the most understandable and predictable.

An important part of this test is to install Yandex.Metrika and start getting information about visitor behavior on your site before the promotion. Together we will conduct site analysis using the map references, find out the most important parameters for the search engine site - the number of failures, mean time visit the site, the average number of pages viewed.

Then we optimize your site for part of an agreed list of simple queries and set a small number of internal and external links. And look at the reaction of the search engine. Depending on the test result, we offer you the active promotion (by position or guarantee) or reconstruction of the site, if necessary, or set of measures to eliminate the consequences of the use of black technology promotion.

This proposal is particularly relevant for:

  • sites that unsuccessfully tried to spin a few seo-companies;
  • large sites with complex structure - site registration are in conflict with the tasks;
  • site owners who know how to count money.

If seo-test is positive:

  • We will start about online behavioral factors already implemented circuit optimization and positive reaction to the aircraft on the link and change the site;
  • be absolutely clear on where to go, how to achieve results with minimal cost and in the shortest time.

If seo-test will be negative:

  • it will be clear that our efforts to change the site were inadequate;
  • there will be a reasonable suspicion that your site penalized. We write the query in a search engine and get the answer, which will clear the depth of the problem;
  • It will be necessary to continue seo-test as long as work with key queries will give a stable positive result.

Progress on positions

This classic SEO, the most popular option. Agree on a list of requests. Then begins the work to improve the site and increase the reference mass. Reporting - the presence of your site's top-10. Check daily. Everything is simple and clear.

In the new environment where results are highly dependent on behavioral factors can not just hire a seo-company and wait for the result. If we are involved in the race for the "tweeter" will need thick customer interaction and representatives of our experts.

Our joint working instrument will map and links Yandex.Metrika Vebvizor. The customer must understand that visible presence in the search results can be achieved only if the site really interesting audience. We usually offer tips on how to make your site better. But can not do without you.

This proposal is relevant to:

  • site owners that are committed to actively improve your site;
  • subjects in which everything is decided by some requests HF (plastic windows, armored doors, closets);
  • sites that are just not imposed sanctions, they successfully indexed and clearly visible on bass needs;
  • domain for over a year, the site is not small, interesting, unique lyrics.

Poklikovoe promotion

In some product groups, competition for HF demands so high that sometimes advantageous to not pursue "mehazaprosamy" and try to get comparable attendance by a wider keyword list. In this case, we agree on the price of a click from a search engine and then try to get out as much content yet.

In poklikovomu promoting consistent only "negative" words for which attendance is not included. Of course the name of the site and the customer. Also not counted website clicks with no results, allowing you to conveniently combine this type of promotion and banner contextual advertising . Reporting monthly on the basis of the counter - Yandex.Metrika or Liveinternet.

This proposal is relevant to:

  • site owners who tried to reach a result on the RF needs in their subjects, understand that it is very hard and are looking for alternative ways to get visitors from search results;
  • for the most advanced site owners that combine RF inquiries result in a wide loop LF requests and context, receiving FP maximum;
  • for subjects in which a list of requests actually pick up the bass in which the presence of a wide list of LF requests more efficiently. Classic example - RF request "Working" less productive than a dozen requests like "Winter overalls for builders";
  • for large sites, with the number of indexed pages 50-100 and more.


If your site thousands of pages, such as card catalog, the best solution would be to promote just such page titles. We can each month, step by step added to the TOP 10 and more portions of your site and so long as they are not among the first.

Working with card catalog is the continuous improvement of the site and the constant fight against plagiarism. Despite the best efforts of search engines, content is often banal stealing, and it must be rewritten. We have good developments on the subject that can maintain the uniqueness of the content without the costs and extensive experience with thousands headings.

Often, owners of large online stores, book publishing services and on-line videos do not even realize what a huge thematic traffic can be obtained from search engines if you pay attention to the promotion of low-frequency queries.

This proposal is relevant to:

  • sites with hundreds or thousands of pages with better products;
  • Owners of online stores that have established statistic is high and clearly know what headings the most popular and profitable;
  • for video, books, games, household appliances, auto parts and other goods - content projects with a large number of cards persons (actors, athletes, musicians).