redesign-web-02Individual sites - Are sites that are also based on the finished solution, but in this case the adjustments made to your requirements, so the site becomes individuality. If you have specific suggestions on location information blocks on the site (eg drawn diagram), we will do exactly this site!

Most individual sites ordered when you need a new, or reconstruction of an existing site (that is, its modernization) and the main reason - to improve the structure and redesign of the website. Individual site includes the development, improvement, additions to existing site design and often involves the development of completely new design of the site. Many customers mistakenly believe that individual site - it's just changing the design of the site, that is with nothing connected service for which the book pretty design, then it easily integrates into your current website. However, it is not so. This process is directly related to the program component of the site. If your site is on a little-known management system (CMS), or system written from scratch, or you may be completely lost access to the site, the process of integrating new design seriously complicated.

Often individuality site provides complete processing site that is essentially creating a site from scratch, despite what you initially need only change the design of the site, for example if all the functions of the site you satisfied with anything new and you do not need. It all depends on the current content management system and situation.

Individual sites - A draft. having a unique design of the program, the structure of the website. What does work on various web design, both in volume and in complexity - to change the design of the site, increasing its functionality to transfer site content management system - CMS.

Increased functionality of the program website

Over time, you need to update not only the design, but also add new features to increase the functionality of the site - to add product catalog, gallery, message boards, feedback forms, forum, newsletter, user registration and so on. Perhaps it is appropriate to review the work site as a whole and make it easier and more functional.
Transfer to redesign the website content management system - CMS. If you need to frequently make changes to the site requires continued support - edit articles, add images, change the prices in the price lists, etc., and you often do not have time to update its time - your site should go to the Content Management System - CMS, using which you can change online texts, pictures and a lot of other information on your site - easily, conveniently and without assistance.

Each version of the site, no matter how high-quality and sophisticated it may have a shelf life. Website redesign is carried out once every 2 years. This is due primarily to the development of the company, changing priorities, perspectives, and with the advent of new, superior technologies. Any website design is aging as and paper products - brochures, leaflets, etc. Before the decision to change the site design should be approached deliberately - to assess given the attractiveness and efficiency of the design, learn to partners and loyal customers exactly what your website design attracts them and what repels.

Exclusive solution

If none of the above does not suit you completely satisfied or not at all - you need an exclusive solution. In this case we will make our best efforts, knowledge and experience:

  • produmaєmo literacy site structure;
  • create a professional design;
  • will build algorithms flawless action of all services;
  • suggest writing advertising texts, slogans;
  • responsibly fill the site information.

Price personal website depends on what you want to change the current design and programming part:

  • difficulty level will be the new site design and how it will be illustrative,
  • or be present slide or animation,
  • many models of standard pages need to develop (or to each section of the site different from the past and have its own illustration) and other factors.

If you wish Change website design a more modern, alter the structure of the site to make it more convenient to navigate, add illustrative site - please contact us. We will give your website a new, modern, professional look. After presentable website - it's her face - a business success and prosperity!

The updated website of your company we optimize for search engines and will conduct professional promotion and advertising website, develop banner ads for presenting your products and services to the global Internet

If you have an online business card, but you do not like its design, location menu, you can not manage on their own site, possibly our service for you!

Cost personal website

The cost of individual sites depends on many factors and so we can assess the value of work and time to work, we need to receive from you a link to your current site, indicating management system on which it runs. If not, it is vital to articulate the problem. and provide all information about the site to be created. In the most general case, the cost will be

Price of the site from 600 USD. / 20 days

In some cases requires an individual site:

  • You do not like the fact that you can not manage on their own website - to change and add pages, records, photos and images.
  • The design of your website outdated.
  • Pages and entries on your site are "horrible" no logic in placing pages visitors difficult to navigate the site.