Advertising in social networks

social-networksEach web resource exists as an indicator active audience - people who regularly come back to the site and spend there at least one hour a week. These people are the cornerstone by which formed as site traffic and popularity presented on the pages of the brand. However, there is another active audience, not intended for a specific site, but for the entire Internet. Similarly it is people who spend online at least one hour a week. As an active Internet audience to convert to an active audience of your website? A few years ago the answer was unequivocal - search engine optimization. Indeed, the search for information, any user will sooner or later come to Google or Yandex and enters in the search box the phrase he needed. But promotion applies only to that part of the audience that is looking for something. And what about other potential clients?

According to research in 2011, at least 75% of Internet users registered on social networks. This is where users are most active, such as the average user network "VKontakte" spends her more than 7 hours per month. This is a very large audience, which is difficult to attract traditional methods.

When traditional methods of promotion no longer work in the case enters SMO!

Optimizing for social networks (Social Media Optimization) - this change in the site so as to motivate users of social networking site and link to cite its materials. Among CASTCOM are unique methods of increasing the quoting site on social networks and the blogosphere. We are working in this market from the beginning and SMO can do at the highest level.

No matter how many visitors do not come to your site - it's just one percent of the total number of users of social networks. Popular wisdom says: "If the mountain will not come to Mohammed, then Mohammed goes to the mountain." The idea to go to Social Media concept was implemented in advance in social networks (Social Media Marketing). The main objective of SMM is advertising company or brand in a social environment. Existing mechanisms of modern social networks allow you to target users by geographic, social, behavioral traits, as well as the age and interests. The combination of these mechanisms allows you to find within SMM effective selling and fashion solutions

Company Website specializing in promoting the social networks Facebook, VKontakte and Odnoklassniki. The first results you can see in a month.

The benefits of advertising in social media:

  • Targeting a specific audience;
  • low price campaign
  • the formation of brand image;
  • variability and flexibility during the campaign.

Benefits of promoting the company Website:

  • vast experience in the market SMO and SMM;
  • highly qualified specialists;
  • automation of routine processes;
  • time - 30 days;
  • nice customer prices.

Sign up Advertising in social media and learn about you millions!

Social networks (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) quickly became a familiar service for millions of people around the world. High attendance and active users of social networks to effectively use these services for marketing campaigns, opening incredible opportunities for brands.

Advertising company in social networks (SMM, SMO) - A relatively new but well-proven ability to attract potential customers.

What social media can provide business?

  • Distribution of the brand and attract new customers. And with the speed of social networking. By offering its Facebook page in his 100 friends, you know that they will review it. And if the page is interesting and deserves attention, the friends offered this page to your friends, friends of friends, etc.
  • Contact with clients and socialization brand. Your social media page is a place for dialogue with customers here can ask questions and provide feedback. The advanced page of our extensive customer requests forms in them positive emotions and builds more loyalty.
  • Additional traffic source your site. On your site visitors begin to come from social networks - Facebook, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Twitter.
  • The increase in sales. Extensive information about the company in social media is credibility and stimulate increased sales.

We offer:

    • Creation and support of social accounts of companies. We are ready to create groups in popular social networks to find your target audience, invite her to the group and unobtrusively advertise your products or services.
    • Advertising on social networks. Placement of contextual advertising on social networks attract a large number of targeted visitors to your site. Precise targeting, low cost, loyalty of users - advertising they see those whom it interesting.
    • Social Media Marketing (SMM). We use social media tools such as blogs, microblogging, chat rooms, forums, LJ, podcasts and other sites to promote the company.

Do not ignore social media - is a powerful tool for promoting your company, which is worse than advertised site. Book promotion in social networks.