cms-webSite Content Management System or CMS - is the core of your Internet resource, its "engine". Using CMS, you get to freely manage information on your site: - Easily and quickly change the text; - Upload new images and photographs; - Create and delete pages and sections; - Deliver news and events; - Placing price lists and other information for zakachuvannya.I all this can be done without special skills and special training. Any person who has ever worked in a text editor, to easily master the operation of our system of governance.

What are the main advantages of the system of governance?

Simplicity - You can perform operations on site very quickly and without special skills. What do not you could need is solved in two clicks.

Functionality - The control system makes it possible to effectively tackle any task required of the site. It is not tied to specific technologies, it is easy to build a upravlyayemoyu flash-sites and HTML-Property by. CMS does not impose restrictions on the functionality of your life.
Flexibility - The control system flexibly rebuilt under each project by using a modular structure. So you always get a customized CMS is at your site.

High speed - The control system does not perform unnecessary actions, and therefore works quickly. CMS is designed for sites with high traffic and site promotion on where response speed is one of the most important parameters.

data protection - The control system protects your data. If you accidentally delete any page or somehow lose important information, it can be easily restored.

What tasks are CMS?

  • Allows you to create any number of sections and subsections of any level of nesting;
  • Automatically builds a site map and menu-based structure;
  • Allows you to easily modify the text on the page;
  • Provides direct access to the HTML-code editing for experts;
  • Allows you to manage lists, font style, style and a host of other parameters that provides all the power of modern text editors;
  • Supports import from MS Word and similar editors;
  • Automatically optimizes the schedule for posting on the site;
  • Allows you to edit the META-tags and title page;
  • Allows you to make the page title in the navigation other than its title;
  • Connect additional modules for different pages.

What modules are in?

1Photo Gallery
This tool allows you to quickly post a lot of pictures or photos to your site. Typically used for product demonstrations, showing a portfolio or simply to teach any graphics. Gallery can be divided into sections and subsections, and contain any number of photos. Available several basic options for galleries, different thumbnail size and location, as well as options open (in a tool box, right on the page, a new page, and so on). Gallery is a basic version control system.
Portfolio module is an enhanced photo gallery that allows you to post not only images and commentary to it, but a detailed description of the various fields, such as deadlines for completion of various works. By one position in the portfolio can be mounted multiple photos or images. Portfolio already included in the basic version control system.
3Product catalog
Даний модуль є повною "вітрину" інтернет-магазину, але без можливості оплати товару або додати його в корзину. Кожен товар може супроводжуватися будь-якою інформацією - від тестового опису та ціни до пояснювальних схем, інструкцій з експлуатації і відеороликів. Зазвичай використовується для того, щоб показати асортимент продукції виробника або ж для того, щоб продемонструвати товари, які купуються тільки при особистому контакті (наприклад, меблеві гарнітури). Каталог товарів є в базовій версію системи управління сайтом.
4Advanced directory
Tool for the demonstration of a large number of positions that have a clear statistical division. It contains a set of filters and convenient search engine. Can be used on sites big stores and manufacturers, and is used to support large databases, sites such as estate agencies or searching. Advanced catalog is available separately and is always modified to suit your site.
5Basket orders
Basket orders goods converts any directory on a full online store. You can go to the site, type in the goods basket - and then places an order, sending accurate data about himself and what he needs right to your manager at any time. Basket orders are not included in the base version of CMS.
6Feedback or Order Form
Стандартна форма, яка містить декілька полів (у найпростішому випадку - "контакт" і "звернення", в складніших - все за вашим вибором) і дозволяє відправити повідомлення з сайту вашого менеджера. Використовується як для замовлення товарів або послуг, так і у вигляді форми зворотного зв'язку. Наприклад, може бути формою бронювання номера в готелі.
7Guest book
Guest book resource enables users to ask you any questions, and post any information on this site. Guest book is being protected from spam and can be edited with the control system. Comes with a basic version.
Модуль, спеціально розроблений для того, щоб користувачі могли залишати відгуки про вашу роботу або товари. Схема роботи "відгуків" така: 1. Користувач сайту пише відгук (є захист від спаму). 2. Відгук потрапляє в модерацію, тобто його не бачить поки ніхто крім вас і користувача, його залишив. 3. Ви стверджуєте відгук і він показується на сайті. 4. Є можливість дати відповідь на відкликання.
Any page of your site (for example, or another article) may be provided comments that are written by users. This module allows you to implement them in the same manner used in reviews - or the principle guestbook. Included in the basic version control system.
10Users pages
You can protect pages of your password, let that go there only to registered users. For example, you can create a page just for your business partners - or post other information, for which you need a special admission.
Newsletter Company press releases, information on promotions often required for business developing. This module allows you to make convenient mailing list for your customers, and to do so in a way that does not end up in the spam letters mail servers. Mailing module is not included in the basic version control system.
Convenient and simple system of placing news of your company. Automatically formed a complete chronology, and derived some fresh news to home (or any other of your choice) page. News Module is included in the basic version control system.
Зручний модуль для розміщення статей, який ефективно застосовується для того, щоб розміщувати найрізноманітніші матеріали одного типу - від різних прес-релізів до організації рубрики "корисне". Функціонал розміщення статей є в базовій версії системи управління.
If your company regularly holds any shares (for example, offers a discount on a number of products), the action module helps easiest and most convenient way to inform visitors of your site. You can use the action in the basic version control system.
Відеогалерея дозволяє розміщувати на вашому сайті велика кількість відеороликів. Вона виглядає як фотогалерея, але кожну мініатюру можна "запустити" програватися прямо на сторінці або в окремому вікні. Відеогалерея поставляється окремо і не входить в базову версію CMS.
16Payment via different systems
If you want to automate and make easier for customers ordering process, you have the option of receiving payment system to connect via electronic currency, bank cards and terminals to receive payments. This feature is primarily intended for online stores. Connecting through various payment systems are not included in the base version of CMS.
Want to know how your users belong to a particular issue? Spend survey - and find out their opinions. You ask questions, the answers - and site visitors can vote. To conduct the survey can be found in the basic version control system.
If your site has a lot of information, in addition to normal navigation recommended search. Search allows you to quickly display materials for those users who seek to immediately find the right not flipping through all the pages of the resource. Search is not included in the basic version of CMS.
Карта сайту - це сторінка, що містить повне "дерево" розділів і сторінок. Карта сайту зручна для багатьох користувачів, а також є дуже хорошим фактором для просування в пошукових системах. Карта сайту входить в базову версію CMS.
20Which versions of the system exist?
Currently both the business sites and for small sites using Joomla, Wordpress or Drupal version with full graphical interface. Can modification by third parties? Thus, this system supports a free PHP-insertion and injection of code in another language. There API, which can be used to fully support the system's control third party developers.
21What are the system requirements for CMS?
To use CMS requires PHP 7.0 support and database MySQL.