Portal - this is, above all, an existing kinds of sites. Its main and distinctive features is wide functionality, as well as the great range of services. Portals, as a rule, represent a multilevel system of interacting scripts.Special importance is given to the development and implementation of the elements of design, with which the user resource navigates to the portal. The combination of such software solutions called an english word "usability", i.e. the ease of use. If in the case with sites with multiple pages, it is not so important, convenient and intuitive predictable moving from one section to another in portals is of paramount importance .

The portal creation is responsible, implement agricultural producers can only real professionals who and employees of our firm. Our design studio website is ready to offer interesting options as development, and optimizing your site in the Internet. Our features are the shortest time performance of a task, smart and competitive price and high quality services.

Note that while choosing the developers, as well as throughout the rest, do not choose a firm, relying solely on price services. You only think whether will become true professionals work for a penny, when their with his hands and feet are ready to tear the other big firm? The answer to this question more than understandable.

Besides, we should proceed from the fact whether a portal qualitatively and in accordance with requirements be created by 1-2 days? Any professional definitely replied: "No!" only crook or a layman can create or, most likely, only promise to create high-quality and functional portal in such a short time. The strategy of our firm is study of business processes that occur inside the company, and only after that the work on the project. In this case, we, together with the client, creating portal with utmost diligence and make him not only "an additional source of orders", but also as an assistant of the firm, which is able to facilitate work in office and partially relieve managers (which ten times a day tell how to get to office). In this case, the staff office will have the opportunity to pay more attention to the available now clients that positive way affects both on the impact of the clients and the general is impressed about the company. It is known that he was satisfied with the Client applied again and will recommend you to friends and acquaintances.

Portals can be divided into the following types:

  • Thematic portals for communication. Typically a large open community of like-minded people. For example, it can be a portal to a particular sport.
  • Portals directories. Funds that allow full information on one or another themes, that is, to collect data in one place. An example of this resource - catalog wedding shops or tourist firms.
  • Portals based on web-service. This resources that provide services required many members of a sphere. As an example, the system of tendering for construction.
  • Enterprise portals. The montior, including мультісайтові, corporate resources companies that allow visitors not only to receive information from all their services, but also use interactive possibilities. Examples: sites of the leading mobile communication operators, banks and travel agencies. With frequent functional can be identified: personal office, sophisticated targeting systems of calculating the cost of services, the presence of intranet.

Creating a portal typically involves very complex development that affects many aspects of life performance providing a specific equipment to aggressive testing of information security.

The cost of developing

The cost of the portal starts from 1700 USD And is calculated for each project individually on the basis of technical task. Depending on the functional systems, requirements for the Design and layout with, as well as other parameters consists budget works.

Given the solid value of this kind of development, portals are typically designed to solve specific problems, that usually are part of a business plan with a known circuit monetization.

We sincerely hope that you choose the right solution.

* The cost of site indicated estimated, may vary from numerous factors. To clarify the final cost of the Connect to our office. The price includes VAT (20%).