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5bychkivcomua-1000Over the years, the first mention of the Great Bychkov, this feature vyokremylasya as true uniqueness, because that was the way of life of people locality. He was at the crossroads of trade routes from the East and West, from North and South. Local residents have absorbed at a particular mentality Ukrainian-easterners (Hutsul, Boyko), dignity and hard work Vlachs (Romanians), cultural heritage Hungarians, Czechs, ability hendlyuvaty, komertsiynist Jews and others. Because there is always coexisted peacefully from many different nationalities, mutually enriching the material and spiritual world. Therefore, in the national character, clothing, culture velykobychkivtsiv reflected these characteristics. The pages of the Internet we offer to get acquainted with the work of local government special features multifaceted life of our people who create the glorious history of the village is a bright straw poured in life history district, region and state.

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